Sunday, October 30, 2005


Excited Master is Free Gay Webcams Ninja

This dreamy gay idealist is turning the free gay wecams world upside down. Or is right side up? Who knows. But we know one thing for certain - the free gay webcams scene ain't going to be the same.

This slim piece of mystery muscle is all he's cracked up to be.

His free gay cams profile says he's into anal penetrations. That's an understatement. The man's rosebud can accomodate a lightpole. No shit.

The free gay web cam show we saw featured Excited Master plunging his arse with a massive glass dong with sparkle lights. He also nearly jammed a fist up his brown eye too.

The stuff they get away with on free gay webcams these days. Never ceases to amaze me.

This guy dumps his gay cock out of the undies, strokes it to fullness, lets us tell him to show us the head, the shaft, the taint, the balls. Talk about real time physiology.

Satisfying our gay cock worship , we told him to masterbate in earnest. Some five minutes later we had his creamy man batter basting his abs. He obliged and massaged it into his skin. Nice touch.


Sunday, October 23, 2005


Meet Free Gay Cams Boy SoldierForSex!

Look who we picked up in the back alley of free gay web cams. SoldierForSex. He's a German cams tiger. Totally pumped. Surfer boy Arayan good looks make hime a poster boy for the gay cams generation. Chisled jaw. Bears a strong resemblence to Dolph Lundgren. But we think he's cuter AND hornier. I took a screenshot of this gay hunk during a live private chat. Screw the rules. I got to rub one out I got this picture doing double time in my left hand.

Let's skip Hollywood comparisons and get to his cock and ass. Beautiful. His prick is cut like fine crystal. His ass is meatier than a Thanksgiving turkey. Look at those washboard abs! That's the result of good genes. I particulary liked how he first talked dirty in German then in broken English. Sexy. I swooned when this free gay cams stud took off his shirt and his speedo like net underwear to reveal a prick the size of an industrial MagLite. Click Here to get more of this fascinating specimen of a free gay cams HUNK!


Friday, October 21, 2005


Download Gay Adult Movies Unlimited!

Today it's estimated 60 percent of US Internet users surf the web with a broadband connection. That's amazing. I remember the days of looking at gay porn movies and pictures using a dial up connection. Thank goodness things have changed.

And my point is? Im glad you asked. Why in the fuck are you not downloading gay porn movies by the gigs?! Im talking full length dvd quality hi-def gay sex videos straight to the hard drive?

Take Gay Movie Access - this site simply rocks.

You get unlimited gay adult movie downloads. Period. No bandwidth cops telling you that you've exceeded your limit. Never. And the gay movies? Perfection. The best gay video studios are represented featuring the best gay pornstars in hot gay sex action that'll have you beating your willy silly!

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Imagine the convenience of downloading gay adult movies in the comfort of your home. Plus the quality of the gay sex is four star.

But the kicker for me is that i can download gigs and gigs of gay sex videos and not have to be concerned with limits or extra fees etc. etc. Those vets of the gay movie download world know what Im talking about! Even guys who worked the gay usenet groups can agree with me on this.


Thursday, October 13, 2005


Straight Stud Masterbates on Free Gay Cams

We love this live gay cam boy. He's got panache. His eyes tell a story. His rod is like a bat. We know because we asked him to pull his huge cock out and stroke it unti he rubbed one out. Beat that on a Sat. nite. He's turned on by sexy polite talk. That's a turn on? Oh, fuck yes. This is like talking to the shy tennis hunk who, once turned on, tears off his jock and puts his trembling white ass up for grabs. ToyBoy's chest is perfect and I think he's got the right amount of fur to blow a boner on! Click Here and get an eyeful of this HOT GAY STUD!

Love those baby blues. He had those boxers off in like one minute. He's that eager to show his big cock. He's got a nice set of whopping balls to go with that jackhammer. He even gave us the cook's tour of his asshole. Now that's proof that the customer is always right.


Sunday, October 09, 2005


Free Gay Webcams Presents Self Suck!

He's a total gay babe with a huge cock and nuts and a strapping chest that begs for it. I've done a private with him and he is THAT HUGE! He's also and excellent self sucker and he'll do it for you, in addition to stroking his big meaty gay cock. He also bends over and spreads his butt cheeks and let's you get an eyeful of his cherry. Nice lil moist hole. Click Here and get an eyeful of this HOT GAY STUD!

Class act, eh? I for one blew a nut on this guy. I love his gay ass and legs and masculinity. What a fucking gay hunk. I've emailed him asking if he will do gay partner cams - I'd so get off watching Self Suck top some willing horny gay teen!.


Saturday, October 01, 2005


free chat with gay males on webcams

I've been known to sometimes overstep my boundries and tell a guy to either suck my big gay cock slower or fuck my smooth gay ass harder or turn around and toy with his balls in the mirror or jerk off on his abs. In some ways, yeah, call me a director.

I also do this with GAY MALES ON FREE CAMS. Handsome gay amateur men in underwear doing your beck and call. Is this not a great world or what? I mean where else but on the Internet can you JOIN FOR FREE and CHAT FOR FREE and tell a jock with a huge uncut gay cock to stroke until precum then self-suck then stick a toy up his ass then blow his spurm all over his hands!?!?!?!

I use the guys onStreamates. This massive free gay cam site is incredible. The gay males on cam are hot. No. Beyond hot. Plus they're all well hung, courteous, submissive, know their place, make easy gay sex chat, and are more than happy to haul you in to a private room and show you the whole package (wink!).

My personal favorite gay cam stud is Self_Suck. This guys a real animal and bends over to give you what you know you want. He's a massive bull with a big chest and bi's. He's got a mischevious gleam in his eyes and looks like a stockbroker. Click here to check out Self_Cuck. I'll post his pics later.


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